Healing Tooth Decay

Healing tooth decay; what a novel idea!  Aren’t oral health care providers already doing this?  Isn’t the placement of a restoration healing dental caries?  Not really. Restoring the effects of tooth decay by restoring a tooth is not really “healing” the tooth. It is treating the after effects of the disease.  Healing is defined as curing, helping to heal or growing back sound tissue.  One could argue that dental restorations do restore tissue but are we really healing dental caries or could we possibly heal caries by actually re-crystallizing or remineralizing the damaged enamel surface?  The answer is yes, we are already doing this but there are new techniques and approaches that can help us.

The key is to find the right system to monitor tooth decay or dental caries and then the right combination of preventive or remineralization products to actually stabilize or re-crystalize early areas of tooth decay.

The Canary System is the only system on market that can monitor changes in the tooth crystal structure.  It can become the anchor in a dental preventive program to monitor therapeutic outcomes.

Lots more information to share in the next few blogs.

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About stephenabrams

Dentist and creator of The Canary System. Device for early detection and monitoring of tooth decay and cracks in teeth. Active in Ontario Dental Association dealing with access to care issues and design of government sponsored dental programs.

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